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On-site Energy Asset Development

BTM Energy Partners can develop on-site behind-the-meter solar energy (PV) micro-generation, and combined heat/power (CHP). We can turn buildings/facilities into energy producing assets by avoiding costs, generating revenue, and managing risk. As a project developer we will conduct all activities prior to construction, such as:

» preliminary site and technology assessments;
» establishing project economics;
» developing project finance/ownership options;
» project approvals/permitting; and
» partner/contractor agreements.

Our Network Partners Can Deliver:

Access To Financing/Incentives

Access to optimal financing/investment structures and incentive programs will maximize the benefits of on-site energy generation, ensuring that each project receives maximum ROI.  This includes flexible consideration of risk management strategies, internal financial objectives, pay back periods, and financing/ownership structures (i.e. loans, leases, PPA’s).

Operations & Maintenance

Sound O&M platforms drive optimal energy output and financial performance. The goal, under all technology platforms ownership/financing models, is to optimize assets throughout their useful life-cycle for peak financial performance.  Leading O&M technologies and best practices are utilized in order to develop and create a sustainable O&M strategy.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Engineering & Design

System design will account for and be integrated with existing systems and operations. This ensures exceptional price-performance ratio, reliability, durability, system safety, and maximum return on investment.

Project Procurement

Experienced procurement teams will optimize project cost through established connections to manufacturers and distributors that are leaders in quality control and ensuring component reliability/durability. They are focused on securing leading edge technology that is delivered on time and within optimal financial parameters.

Construction Management

Industry leading construction management capabilities will achieve a high level of construction performance and deliver turnkey projects. Continuous improvements to construction processes are made to increase installation speed, reduce labor costs, and maximize energy output through the entire asset life-cycle.

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