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Recent Behind-The-Meter News & Media

Nov 25


Hang on, Alberta's topsy-turvy power market makes for wild ride

Alberta’s power market has turned into an amusement park ride this week. Every day, there’s a new twist or sudden turn.  Read more...

Nov 21


Liberals present plan to phase out coal-powered electricity by 2030

The federal government is speeding up the plan to phase out coal-fired electricity by 2030 as part of its comprehensive plan to make Canada a leader in green energy.  Read more...

Nov 19


Alberta government eyes power market overhaul

The NDP government is considering an overhaul of Alberta’s deregulated electricity market, a major change some observers say could ultimately increase costs for consumers.  Read more...

Oct 27


Alberta agency's first job is to launch three energy-efficiency programs

As soon as Energy Efficiency Alberta officially become the agency in charge of supporting the province’s climate leadership plan on Thursday, it received its first marching orders.  Read more...

Oct 26


Alberta government will fund solar panels for new school projects

The Alberta government is making at least $9 million available for the installation of solar panels as part of new school projects.  Read more...

Oct 15

Camrose rec centre gets solar energy upgrade

Alberta's newest large-scale solar installation is now up and running in Camrose as the city's recreation centre gets an upgrade of nearly 3,000 high-efficiency solar panels.  Read more...

Oct 24


Alberta puts $10 million into farm efficiency programs

Alberta farmers are getting $10 million to help make their farms more energy-efficient as the province moves ahead with its carbon tax and climate plan.  Read more...

Sep 15


Get ready for big costs as Alberta shifts away from coal

It could cost Alberta $2 billion to compensate power generators for shuttering coal-fired electricity plants across the province.  And “top-up” subsidies to help ramp up renewable energy production in Alberta could also soar to around $10 billion in the decades ahead.  Read more...

Oct 5


Alberta government launches Indigenous solar project

Wednesday, at the Montana First Nation, the Alberta government launched two renewable energy program for First Nation and Métis communities.

The $2.5 million small-scale pilot projects will invest in local green energy projects in an effort to create jobs, reduce emissions and lower utility costs for Indigenous communities in Alberta.  Read more...

Aug 9


Real loss to Alberta consumers from power contract cancellations is $600 million, not $2 billion: report

Albertan consumers will end up paying “closer to $600 million,” not the $2 billion alleged by the provincial government, on their electricity bills for power companies cancelling controversial power contracts early.  Read more...

June 22


Why Warren Buffett is one of the very few making money off Alberta’s mostly unprofitable electric system

Warren Buffett is among the very few people currently making money in Alberta’s largely unprofitable electricity market.  Two years ago, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. bought more than half of all the electric transmission lines crisscrossing Albertan farmland in a $3.2-billion acquisition.  Read more...

July 9


Alberta's power market in turmoil as prices hit 20-year lows and demand falls

Average Alberta electricity prices tumbled in the second quarter to their lowest point since 1996, when Ralph Klein was serving his first term as premier and the Macarena topped the music charts.  So far this year, there’s no dancing in the power sector.  Read more...

June 9


Alberta government creates Energy Efficiency Advisory Panel

Now that the carbon levy has passed, the provincial government has created an advisory panel to figure out which energy efficiency and small-scale power generations to pursue.  Read more...

Apr 17


Electricity prices cheap in Alberta, for now

Low prices, but high fees on utility bills across the province. Electricity prices haven't been this low in Alberta in nearly 20 years, one of several developments in a very unstable and unpredictable sector in the province.   Read more...

Mar 30


Rising transmission costs pushing Alberta power bills to new heights: report

Transmission costs on Alberta power bills are climbing at unsustainable rates with increases that are unprecedented in North America, consumer groups warn.  Read more...

Feb 23


Cogeneration sparks apartment sector interest

Cogeneration in Canada is no longer just for hospitals and industrial facilities—multi-residential property owners are beginning to take note of this energy savings technology too.  Read more...

Feb 5


Alberta offers rebates to municipalities, farms that set up solar power

The Alberta government says it will provide more than $5 million to help municipalities cover the cost of installing solar panels.

The money is to defray the cost of setting up solar power in buildings such as offices, fire halls and community centres.  Read more...

Nov 24


More uncertainty ahead for Alberta's electricity market

Albertans of a certain age might feel as if they’re trapped in a season of the television series Dallas.  Read more...

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