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Behind-The-Meter Energy Solutions

A new energy frontier is emerging, that is fundamentally changing how organizations and people consume and procure energy for their needs. For over a century the centralized utility model has fuel our economic growth and quality of life. However, the push for a low carbon society has resulted in technological advances and challenges to the fundamental economic pillars of price stability and affordability. The result has been the emergence of a disruptive, yet empowering new energy frontier. The new energy frontier is behind-the-meter, where technology can facilitate firm specific improvements in energy use and management, and turn energy users into energy producers. Behind-the-meter energy solutions help reduce carbon emissions, and control energy costs for organizations and businesses focused on improving their bottom line. No longer are businesses and consumers beholden to policy makers, regulators and large utilities to secure cheap and affordable power for their operations. By implementing internal measures to conserve, control, and produce energy on-site, these organizations can take control of their energy, and reduce their costs and environmental footprint at the same time.

Kyle Fawcett, Principal

BTM Energy Partners:

"A combination of government incentives, technological advances, and economic changes, has created significant opportunities for prudent investment in behind-the-meter energy solutions."

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