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The New Energy Frontier is...


Take Control of Your Energy

BTM Energy Partners is committed to identify, develop and deliver innovative behind-the-meter energy solutions to reduce energy costs and the environmental footprint of non-residential (commercial, light-industrial, institutional) organizations/companies.  We can help your organization/company:

BTM Energy Partners can help you understand and integrate your energy needs and financial objectives, by assessing and evaluating all variables and actions associated with improving your energy usage and/or opportunities to...

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BTM Energy Partners can assist your bottom line and sustainability goals by improving your behind-the-meter energy productivity and/or efficiency. We can reduce your energy consumption/costs...

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BTM Energy Partners can develop on-site behind-the-meter solar energy (PV) micro-generation, and combined heat/power (CHP). We can turn buildings/facilities into energy producing assets...

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Get Your Complimentary Energy Consultation

We will arrange a time to meet with clients in the commercial, light industrial, and institutional sectors to discuss and identify what specific behind-the-meter energy solutions and projects can meet organizational and corporate goals to reduce energy consumption and costs, while improving environmental performance. 

Join Our Partner Network

We are always looking for high quality network partners who specialize in delivering behind-the- meter energy services and projects — particularly vendors with expertise in Energy and System Audits; Project Financing; Product Distribution; Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC); and Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

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